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Copywriting Rates  

Copywriters’ rates reflect their skill and experience. The bottom line is you get what you pay for.

I charge a fair rate for a copywriter with my level of experience – in line with industry standards set by The Professional Copywriters’ Network. Web copy, for example, starts at £100 per page.

Unless the project is open-ended, or involves too many unknowns, I’ll quote you a flat fee per project. This will be the final figure you pay. I won’t add on extras at the last minute and give you a nasty surprise.

My quotes also include a set of amends – so I’ll revise anything you like after submitting my first draft. Please see my terms and conditions for more information.

If you’re an agency needing freelance help I’m happy to work for a daily rate instead of a flat fee per project. Give me a call on 01732 445989 if you’d like to talk.


Recent work (please see my portfolio for more samples)