What is Copywriting?

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What is Copywriting?

Copywriting … isn’t that something to do with protecting authors’ rights? ©

Actually, instead of stopping people from doing things (like photocopying the latest bestseller) copywriters are proactive and creative marketing professionals who help businesses.

Our job is to write ‘copy’ i.e. the words in adverts, brochures, websites, emails, newsletters and articles. We’re ideas people who sell products and services.

To be a copywriter – a good one anyway – you need a thorough understanding of marketing. You also need to write in different tones of voice. Different people, whether they’re Mums to be or senior financial accountants, respond to different language.

So what’s in it for you? Clearer, more effective, business communications for a start. We’ll also save you time. Hiring a professional copywriter gives you more time to concentrate on your own area of expertise: running your business.


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